Sunday, 8 January 2017

Pixton available to all Ontario's publicly funded schools through OSAPAC!

Ever since the loss of BitStrips for schools, I have been trying to find a comic maker that will take it's place. looked great - but it had a high price tag!  Now it is available free to all Ontario teachers in publicly funded schools through OSAPAC.  For more details on how to get your classroom account going, check out this link to Pixton for Ontario teachers.   Wondering about  I've included a few of their videos here to give you a quick look at what it can do.

Basic overview:

Want to know more about Pixton?  I'm still pretty new to it, so check out their YouTube Channel (that's where you will find the videos I embedded and many more) and their Website at  They are also on Facebook, Twitter ( follow them @Pixton), Pinterest, Google+, etc

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