Saturday, 14 January 2017

Everyday Superheroes Unit

A Unit using Educational Technology to promote the UN's Sustainability Goals and focusing on small changes students can make to meet these goals.

Image from:

Nino, Florencia Soto. Sustainable Development Goals - United Nations. United Nations Sustainable Development, 17 Aug. 2016, Accessed 23 Jan. 2017.)

Here is a link to the Unit I created for my Developmental Special Education Class where they created videos, posters and their own Everyday Superhero based on the UN goals.  Please use it, and change it to suit your own classroom needs.  Everyday Superhero Unit.

Here are a few examples of videos my students created for this unit.
Here's a simple one created with TellagamiEdu and iMovie on the importance of the Food Bank:

This first one is on Littering and the second one is on Healthy living, both were created using iMovie:
This one is about donating clothing to Goodwill Industries using TellagamiEDu and iMovie:


  1. Ramona, I love how the use of iMovie and Tellagami give students in your class a voice that is powerful and passionate. I have a question, when students completed these videos, did they also take the pictures or did they do an image search for them? Either way these are great projects, just wondered if there was that added element.

  2. A little bit of both. Those that could, did. A few just aren't at a level to do that so they did an image search. Some of them talked peers into appearing in short video clips they designed.

  3. What a cool project! My student experimented with creating movies last year. They wrote scripts for themselves, then we had some grade 5&6 students come in and help us make the movies. It was an interesting genre to explore because I know little about iMovie and script writing.