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I'm a Podcaster!

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On Monday February 5th, 2018, I became a Podcaster.  Wowza!  Did that really just happen?  If you had told me a year ago I would be doing a podcast, I would have laughed at you.  I only started blogging just over a year ago...the thought of a Podcast would have been much too daunting to even contemplate.

I have to thank Stephen Hurley for giving me the push I needed to do this.  He planted the idea in November when he talked to me about how I might be a creator of content for VoiceEdRadio.  I had to do some reflecting and thinking about what I would want to talk to other teachers about.  I let it percolate for a bit.  I needed to get my head around:  (a.)  Actually confronting my fear about it and
(b.) What I would want my podcast to be about?  After some reflection, I had my concept, but still a lot of fear.  I messaged Stephen that I thought I might have a concept for a podcast and would he still be interested in putting it on VociEdRadio?  He was putting together a radiothon for VoiceEd's first anniversary on Saturday and suggested I come on the live broadcast and sort of workshop the idea with some of the VociEd community.

OK - so now I'm going to be on a live broadcast, talking about an idea for something I'm feeling both excited and terrified about - with folks who are seasoned Podcasters - folks whose podcasts I have listened to and admired, and let's be honest, been in awe of.  Bless the VoicEdRadio family - they could not have been more supportive of the idea - both the folks who were chatting with me live, and those who were responding on Twitter while we were broadcasting.  My thanks to all of you - especially Stephen, Chris Cuff, Brad Shreffler, Sarah Anne Lalonde, Shane of theedpodcastLeanne Hansen and Noa Daniels.  Your words of encouragement gave me the boost I needed to get this thing done.  I was DM'ing with Noa after the broadcast and she shared some words with me that Derek Rhodenizer had given her about the fear of taking a risk: "take the leap and build wings on the way."  Well said.

I had mentioned to a colleague that I was contemplating doing this.  I always enjoy "talking teaching" with Heather Jacobi and thought if I was going to do this, she would be the perfect first guest.  She didn't hesitate for a second, bless her!  With my live radio broadcast experience from the weekend still fresh, I decided to leap before I thought/talked myself out of doing it.  She was available after school Monday - so we sat down and got it done.  She was the perfect first guest too - it was just two gals talking teaching.

I've already learned a few things about podcasting:
1.  Use the paid version of Zencastr - you get more postproduction options.
2.  Don't worry about the technical aspects during recording - stay focused on the conversation and let the magic happen.
3.  The hardest part about podcasting is deciding to do it and clicking record.

Now that the deed is done and I have pushed send to VoicEdRadio, I really do feel like I have sprouted wings and could actually fly.  Is it the world's best podcast?  Nope.  But, I confronted my fear and became a content creator, not just a consumer.  I'm feeling an adrenaline rush - a bit of a high really.  And it feels good.

Blogger's/Podcaster's Note:
My podcast is called "I Wish I Knew - EDU" and the concept is talking to experienced educators about the things they wish they knew when they started teaching.   If you want to hear Episode 1 with Heather Jacobi - check it out on Soundcloud by clicking this link or clicking the play button below.  I welcome your comments on how I can improve and expand it.  I'm recording Episode 2 this weekend - so if you enjoy Episode 1, watch for my next podcast when I talk to T. Scott.

This post was featured on's "This Week in Ontario Edublogs" on February 28, 2018.  Click on this link if you would like to hear the discussion between Doug Peterson and Stephen Hurley.

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