Thursday, 23 March 2017

High School of 2030 and the Internet of Things

I'm just finishing up my Specialist Course for IICTI.  As part of the requirements for the course, my partner, Marjan Macanovik, and I created a ThingLink looking at what schools of the future might look like through the lens of the Internet of Things.

Want to see what a classroom of 2030 might look like?  What wearable devices are on the horizon?  How will the Internet of Things level the playing field for Special Education Students and Teachers?  What role will Virtual Reality and AR play in schools of the future?  How will IofT makes schools more sustainable?  What will the average day look like for a student?  How will a Teacher's role change thanks to these devices and new teaching methods?  What will change for transportation, fitness, school cafeterias, and gyms of the future?  Have a look, leave a comment, check out what the future just might be like!

Special thanks to Marjan for allowing me to share this link to our project here, and for all his research and hard work on this ThingLink!

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