Saturday, 12 November 2016

Prodigy Math Game is  something I have been using with my students for several years now.  I love how the game adapts to the needs and abilities of the student and that it is absolutely free to use.  You can access it from any device through the internet, or you can download the free app for your tablet or phone for free.  It was created in Ontario, so it follows the math expectations and strands for the Ontario Math Curriculum.  But, it also adheres to the Common Core Curriculum if you are using it outside Ontario.  The game does have some add ons that parents can purchase, but these are basically Avatar add ons like costumes, powers, etc. But these are not necessary for students to play - they just help the creators keep the game free. The Game looks like Pokemon (which may be part of it's appeal to kids) and the students travel through multiple worlds using math to battle wizards and collect special powers. My students like the game so much that they will play it from home.  Doing math at home, for fun!  Sounds like a great way to get students engaged in math!

Here are some important links if you would like to try Prodigy yourself…

The Prodigy Game site

A Review of the Prodigy Game from Ask a

The Prodigy Game's YouTube channel - lots of great "how to videos" - Here are a few to get you started:

A Tutorial of how to play Prodigy, created by a student:

A Tutorial from one of the Game's Creators for Teachers on how to use the Reports section of the game:

A Tutorial for teachers - from the Creators on how to set up Assignments in the Game for your students:

You can find the Game on Facebook and follow the Game on Twitter too!

All images and logos are from The Prodigy Website:
Embedded videos are from the Prodigy Game YouTube Channel:

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