Sunday, 29 May 2016

Google Summit

Was given a real gift this weekend.  I was able to attend the London Google Summit at Saunders SS.  If you have never been, it is a weekend full of hour long workshops on Educatioal Tevhnology and networking with like minded colleagues.

I attended a mind blowing session led by Sylvia Duckworth on using Virtual Reality in the classroom.  We got to try out Google Cardboard and got a sneak peak at Goole Explorations (which is going to be  amazing for our students when it becomes available in Canada.)

Thanks to Kim Pollishuke for a great session on creating classroom and personal blogs using  This blog is a direct result of her session!

Jesse Lubinsky gave a great session on using the various Google tools.  I was particularly impressed by Google Culural Institute.  You can look at historical locations using 360 views, and so much more.

The demo slam at the end of day one introduced my to Bitmoij...where you can create your own Bitmoji to use in various applications. We also saw how to create our own Beatbox and then record our own lyrics over top thanks to Sylvia Duckworth, and the Incredibox app.

There was so much learning ...I'm going to need some time to digest it all.  But you can bet I've got some new routines to put in my circus!


  1. Those Google Cardboard devices look so amazing. I am going to see about getting some at my own school. Thanks for inspiring me!

  2. It's amazing that the cost of Google cardboard is only $15-20!!! It's a relatively new technology and I'm sure that in the future students will use VR in the classrooms, just like they use a pencil/paper today.
    I had a chance to try the Oculus Rift last year and it's amazing.
    VR is going to be a great tool for visualization and it will help designers, architects, artists, mathematicians...practically everyone to visualize concepts/ideas and create better products.